Wine racks - Redwood

Redwood shelves are manufactured in Canada and are made from selected Californian Redwood, grown in a sustainable forest. Redwood has a natural red tinge but with variation from the light to slightly darker surface. The aroma of the wood is reminiscent of cedar and gives a nice natural and untreated aroma to the wine room. Redwood has the ability to withstand high humidity and is very suitable for wine rooms. All packages come with instructions for use and wall spacers. The racks are easily assembled with a 30 mm staple gun (pressure and execution must be done accurately so that the wood does not crack). The unique racks from Redwood provide optimal use of space with many combination options and are a flexible storage solution in your wine cellar. Here you get racks for bottles, magnums and champagne, displays and crates or even jeroboam and 6 liters. Assemble as you wish and within a weekend you'll have a wine wall up with your treasures safely stored.